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Learn Biology With Mochi
Learn Biology With Mochi
Learn Biology With Mochi
Learn Biology With Mochi
Learn Biology With Mochi
Learn Biology With Mochi
Learn Biology With Mochi

Learn Biology With Mochi


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Coding language which you can touch

Let’s go with Mochi as he spends a day in the life of a plant. Do you know how plants live? Let’s find out with Mochi!


  • 1 Story Book
  • 1 Story Map
  • 3D Puzzle
  • 2 Craft pieces
  • Storyteller
  • Coding Block
  • A lot of lego connectors!
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What's Inside

One Story Book, one Story Map, 2 Craft pieces, 3D puzzle, Storyteller, Coding Block and a lot of lego connectors!

Mochi’s Awards:

This adventure set includes:

Story Map
Story Book
Craft pieces
Coding block
Lego connector

Learn Biology with Mochi!

Do Plants Breathe? Microscopic Mochi Finds Out!
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Take a look inside the book

All books are 30+ pages. Only part of the pages is available for preview

Look inside the book

Story Map

Durable 1x1m (39x39”) cloth, map with which Mochi lives out the adventures from the books

Craft Pieces

Craft Rover to be a Submarine. With craft pieces, you will never be at a loss for what to craft next.

Audio Book, Songs and Music

Every Mochi kit comes with a unique SD card that provides unique songs, music and even reads the Mochi books. Check the description to see what songs and sounds come in each pack.

Story time and Lullaby with your audio coding blocks

Learn Biology With Mochi (3:18)

Rock a Bye Baby (2:59)

More songs with coding blocks from 14 Music Blocks pack

Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jack and Jill, Ring Around the Rosy, Move Like a Dinosaurs, Questions

Сheck 14 music block pack

Coding Blocks

In this pack you will receive a music block to expand the possibilities of what you can program Rover to do!


Use your hands to craft a beautiful bespoke puzzle of one of Mochi's friends or a scene from the book.

We have more adventures for you!

10 additional sets are waiting for you

See what other families love about Mochi

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Learn Biology with Mochi without screen

Screenless play protects our children’s eyes and sparks their imagination and creativity.

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