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By Mochi Bear


These easy obstacle course ideas are perfect for getting preschoolers moving indoors and out! #obstaclecourse #preschooleractivity #winterfun #healthyliving

These obstacle courses are perfect for the snowy months ahead. Most of them can easily be changed to be indoor obstacle courses, and the outdoor ones will definitely motivate us to get out in that snow.

These easy obstacle course ideas are perfect for getting preschoolers moving indoors and out! #obstaclecourse #preschooleractivity #winterfun #healthyliving

DIY American Ninja Warrior Backyard Obstacle Course from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls – This backyard obstacle course can be moved around by the kids, and it can be taken down when not in use. It looks like a blast for the kids. A Year of Educational Quiet Bins

Easy obstacle course ideas for preschoolers

Water Obstacle Course from Meaningful Mama – This obstacle course is perfect for those hot summer days when kids need some cooling off outside. (Given, not easily done indoors!!! But it’s always fun to dream about summer ~ sigh)

Awesome indoor obstacle course ideas for kids - so simple!

Indoor Learning Obstacle Course from Hands On As We Grow – Practice math facts while crawling and walking through an indoor obstacle course. This could be easily adapted for a variety of other learning activities, too.

Great obstacle courses for toddlers

Animal Sounds Obstacle Course from LalyMom – The kids can help put this obstacle course together, and it’s a breeze to clean it back up again. Little animal lovers will have fun exploring different animal sounds as they jump through the course.

Awesome obstacle course ideas for busy kids!

Sensory Obstacle Courses from My Mundane and Miraculous Life – Some great ideas for creating an obstacle course that incorporates sensory input for the children. Even better, these ideas can likely be found around your home.

This obstacle course idea is great for learning the alphabet!

Alphabet Relay Obstacle Course from Mom Inspired Life – The kids can learn their letters as they run through this outside obstacle course. Adapt the focus of the course depending on what you want the kids to explore –  numbers, words, etc.

An obstacle course for preschool dinosaur lovers!

Dinosaur Obstacle Course from Craftulate – Dino-loving kids will have a blast with this beginner obstacle course. I love those items from around the house, including a well-beloved puzzle, which was incorporated into the course.


Don’t Ring the Bells Obstacle Course from Childhood 101 – What a wonderful basis for an obstacle course! Kids have to get through everything without making the bells ring.

A creative obstacle course for teaching independence in preschoolers

Teach Independent Skills with an Obstacle Course from Coffee Cups and Crayons – Set up an obstacle course focused on the independent skills you want the kids to learn.


Pool Noodle Alphabetical Order Obstacle Course from The Educators’ Spin On It – Grab those pool noodles, cut them apart, and put them to use with this obstacle course. You can focus on alphabetical order or change it up and work on numbers or words.

This tabletop obstacle course is a unique idea for preschoolers

Obstacle Course Straw Game from Easy Peasy and Fun – Create a tabletop obstacle course for the kids with tape, pompoms, and homemade obstacles.

A obstacle course for crawling babies!

Soft Obstacle Course for Baby on the Move from Teach Me Mommy – This obstacle course is perfect for those crawling babies. Set it up to explore other textures, too.

A pool noodle obstacle course

Pool Noodle Backyard Obstacle Course from Learn Play Imagine – This is a fun way to use up those extra pool noodles (or an excuse to get more)!

A spy course obstacle course idea for preschoolers!

5 Minute Spy Laser Obstacle Course from MomDot – What fun! Let kids pretend to be spies trying to get through a “laser” obstacle course. Simple to set up, and I bet it leads to so much fun.


Build a Kids’ Yoga Obstacle Course from The Kids Yoga Resource – Build an obstacle course all-around yoga poses!

A hula hoop obstacle course for preschoolers!

Hula Hoop Tire Run from The Inspired Treehouse – All you need are hula hoops to set up this obstacle course for the kids!

A colourful tires obstacle course for toddlers and preschoolers!

DIY Tire Obstacle Course from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails – Use colorful tires to set up an obstacle course in the backyard or on the back porch.

an obstacle course with fine motor skills for preschoolers

How to Sneak Fine Motor Skills into Gross Motor Play from Mama OT – Add fine motor practice into your obstacle course with these ideas.


Tire Obstacle Course with Ninja Warrior Inspired Challenges from STEAM Powered Family – Older kids love obstacle courses too! Engage them with sensory and gross motor play with these tire activities.


Activity Course with Balloons from Hands On As We Grow – What’s more fun than an obstacle course? An obstacle course with balloons, of course!

These easy obstacle course ideas are perfect for getting preschoolers moving indoors and out! #obstaclecourse #preschooleractivity #winterfun #healthyliving

Loads of ideas to get those little ones moving. With all of these ideas, I do believe we might just survive the winter yet again! I am promising myself that this year – this year – I will find a way to enjoy all that winter has to offer. These obstacle course ideas are bound to help!

These obstacle course ideas are great for getting preschoolers moving indoors! Perfect winter activities to burn energy and use gross motor skills too. #grossmotor #preschool #obstaclecourse #winter #toddler

I hope you are having lovely week friends. Thank you ever so much for reading.