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Introducing Explorer Kit : Projects to Inspire Artists and Creatives

By Mochi Bear
Introducing Explorer Kit : Projects to Inspire Artists and Creatives
Maker Crate art project for teens

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Maker Crate — our newest line for teens and beyond. Maker Crate will provide you with all the tools and instruction to tap into your creativity, learn new techniques, and make something beautiful… and useful.

Our mission in launching Maker Crate is to deliver an experience that will help you build creative confidence to turn artistic visions into design realities.  From creating a macrame plant hanger or a punch-needle pillow to spruce up a room to crafting a terrazzo-style tray to store essentials — every crate includes projects that are both imaginative and functional.

Maker Crate Plush Pillow art project

Not only will makers learn new techniques and tools, but they will also learn real-world applications and the history behind each art form.  Whether you are 14 or 104 years old, a first-time crafter or an experienced maker, each crate is a chance to experiment, draw inspiration, and make something to treasure or give to someone special.

Lamp project Maker Crate

If you’re familiar with our other lines, you will find some unique aspects to Maker Crate:

  • Maker Crate’s step-by-step instructions are presented exclusively through online video tutorials, to make learning new techniques more visual, more accessible (and maybe even more fun!)
  • With an emphasis on more sophisticated techniques, Maker projects are more in-depth and will likely take longer to complete. We’ve also included materials for future projects so that long after the first project is finished, you can continue to experiment with other designs. Like Eureka Crate, Maker Crate starts at $24.95/month (with free shipping.)
Painting Art Project for Teens

We know first hand the joy that comes with experimenting with new artforms and learning a new craft. We’re here to help makers feel more confident in trying new things in a way that is encouraging, convenient, and seriously fun! We can’t wait to see what you make!