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Making Homeschooling Interesting for Kids

By Nataly Kukahreva

Homeschooling is on the rise during this pandemic. It was unexpected, and we were all caught by surprise. Now everyone is stuck in the comfort of their homes and most schools and daycares around the world have closed their doors. Parents are increasingly wondering how they can motivate their children to enjoy learning. Every child is adjusting to the new norm but there are a lot of ways for parents to help their children to make this homeschooling period to be very beneficial and enjoyable.

Playing Games and doing Indoor Activities      

Kids love playing games. There’s no doubting that. And playing games with your kid is entertaining, but also helps in developing a lot of skills in your child.

Playing board games are never a bad idea, here’s why-

  • They develop a sense of strategy building
  • It keeps the child focused for longer periods of time
  • They teach the value of teamwork
  • And a good session of quality family time is always priceless
Homeschooling kit Mochi

Some quality board games to be played with your kid are Monopoly, Chess, and Scrabble.

 Word games also help in improving their vocabulary and spelling.

But there is a lot more than board games, right? Let your imagination and creativity do the work. Building things together with play kits or just the simple things we see in our homes can promote resourcefulness, creativity, and analytical thinking. Even solving simple puzzles can develop a child's problem-solving skills.

Making a proper learning space:

Making a proper learning space for your kid isn’t just for online learning, but it’s also going to be advantageous if or when your kid returns to offline schooling. While they are studying from home, having a comfortable place for your kid could help in motivating them to do well in school.There are a lot of ways in which you could achieve this, such as making the place:

  • Resemble the classroom in which your child would normally be studying
  • Comfortable for the kid, but not too comfortable……….zzzzzzz.
  • Organised. Make sure that the drawers, cupboards, and tables nearby are not cluttered. You could then make your kid maintain it by themselves, which could only help them be more independent.
  • Visually appealing. Kids love it the most when things are cute and visually appealing. You could place posters of various things that the child likes such as animals, superheroes, alongside something more educational such as, animals, an alphabet chart, a world map, or a schedule/timetable. Keep in mind, though, not to make it too visually appealing, or else it could cause frequent distractions.

Reading books:

Out of personal experience, I would highly recommend storytime with your child or let them read on their own. Reading goes an immense way in developing the use of language and increasing your vocabulary. I have spent hundreds of hours reading novels written by famous authors such as Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl during my childhood which have helped me a lot. Here are some excellent books that you could get for your child to read.

children's books

Besides books, reading comics also helps in a similar way. Many educational books and texts are very child friendly with great graphics and cartoons to make the child understand quickly and properly.Mochi has a lot to offer, their books offer a full curriculum starting from the basics (Planets, Shapes, Numbers, Letters, Colors, Animals) and going all the way up to more complex subjects like Earth, Time, Fruits & Vegetables, Biology, Good Habits, Words, Neuroscience and Computer Science.with the help of hands-on physical learning using various different kinds of accessories such as books and blocks. 

One of the best things that I personally like about Mochi is that all of their learning accessories are offline- your child does not need to stare at a screen for long periods. And while the whole world is shifting to their screens, it is of utmost importance that kids of very young ages do not do the same, and Mochi does a great job of preventing that from happening.