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Importance of Coloring for Preschoolers

By Mochi Bear

Coloring  for preschoolers stimulates their creativity, imagination and self -expression. When inspired by their ideas and emotions, the smile on their faces is the most rewarding. But, what are the benefits of coloring for children?

They develop motor skills.

The process of coloring a sketch results in a steady development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination in children. Factors such as grip over the pencils or crayon and applying pressure on the paper come into play while coloring.

They’re very calming.

Coloring can be something that you take great efforts for, or be a pastime.It is a proven therapeutic method in expressing emotions. Moreover, coloring sheets isn’t something that is just an escape for kids! The increasing number of coloring apps especially made for adults are proof that this is truly something that is suitable for all age groups.


It’s a very common occurrence. Once you sit down to color, you really don’t wanna get up unless you complete coloring the whole sheet. While coloring at length helps in improving the duration your kid can stay focused, they also have to constantly keep in mind not to color outside the specified boundaries, which increases concentration levels.


Creative Expression.

The only boundaries here are the outlines. I can’t remember any sheet that specified that the sky should be colored blue, or the leaves should be colored green. You can truly go wild while coloring, and explore and expand your creative limits. While at the same time, it helps the child in recognising different objects based on their colors, and vice versa, in real life. For example, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the color yellow is my favorite water bottle!

Understanding Colors.


You wouldn’t know the difference between ochre yellow, lime yellow, and chrome yellow unless you actually used them, right? As you go on coloring sheets, you get introduced to and start using new and different colors, improving your understanding of concepts such as hues and deriving a specific color by mixing different colors.




As a reward for coming this far, and as practice for your child, here are three outlines on which your child can color on. Happy coloring!

Mochi Coloring sheet