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How to Help Your Kids Write Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards

By Mochi Bear
How to Help Your Kids Write Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards

5 Simple Tips for Creating Meaningful Messages for Friends and Family

Valentine's Day Card writing tips

Recently, I found a beautiful Valentine’s Day card created by my daughter when she was five years old. In it, she wrote a story about strawberries (my favorite fruit) with illustrations of heart-shaped berries scrawled in crayon. Seeing that card filled me with tenderness and made me laugh out loud.

Creating cards with kids can be a meaningful way to spend time together. In addition to the joy that comes with crafting, the process of writing to a friend or family member encourages kids to have empathy and consideration for others.

But sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we wrote up these five simple tips for creating awesome Valentine’s Day cards with your kids:

  1. Make the card: Even if it is as simple as cutting out a heart and pasting it to a piece of paper, there is no better way to say I love you then with a homemade card.  Homemade cards are especially appreciated by people (like grandparents) who may live far away.
  2. Connect with personal stories: The best cards include sentiments and reflections that are unique to that relationship. Ask your child to share a recollection of the person they are writing– whether its a funny memory or a meaningful moment. If your child is too young to write, have him or her dictate the story for you to write down. (Honest and specific stories are often the most charming.)
  3. Express love through gratitude: Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express feelings of gratitude. When writing the letter, encourage your child to include a list of appreciations for the special people in your lives.
  4. Play with hand-lettering: Encourage your kids to get creative with handwriting! Use sparkly pens, cursive, and explore fun fonts!  If your child is learning to spell, writing a note makes great practice. Sign each letter with a fancy signature!
  5. Provide writing prompts: When you need a little writing help, here is a list of ideas to get started:
    1. List 10 qualities you love about the person.
    2. Write about a time that person made you laugh.
    3. Create a timeline of all the special moments you have spent together.
    4. Finish the sentence “What I love about you___”
    5. Finish the sentence “Thank you so much for ______”